About Christine

She has over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, ranging from behind-the-scenes to upfront sales & service. She has dealt with over 10,000 clients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.
Not like a typical Makeup & Hair Artist, Christine has worked closely with Research and Development, Manufacturing, Compounding and Product Development from a Quality perspective. She understands the importance of working as a team to deliver Quality Products for the consumer and is aware of when quality is not met.
She’s very blessed to have been allowed to hold a vast range of different job roles in the COSMETIC WORLD. It makes her unique with the skills, knowledge and experience she endures.

What Christine Is Currently Up To?

Not only as a Makeup and Hair Artist, Christine’s career as a Colour Beauty Expert, allows her clients to learn more about the COSMETIC WORLD and understand how the process flows. As an advocate of QUALITY STANDARDS in the beauty industry, she gives people the confidence to stand firm behind their product and how to service them with excellence. Her experienced team can help with creating a brand, formulation, marketing, building a website, suggesting a 3rd party to fill large scale or smaller batches to fill on a smaller scale, social media guidance, podcast etc. From the ground up or improving existing companies by closing gaps, we can navigate you on what needs to be done. She educates what their products are for, how to spot expired, rancid products, and know when to throw them out.

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