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Christine Tolibas

Founder and CEO of Charm Artistry

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About Christine

Christine Tolibas is a leading colour beauty expert. She has over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, working for one of the most well-known beauty brands – MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder). Christine has tested raw materials, finished goods, Work-in-Progress (WIP), and most importantly – she is an experienced Colour Analyst.

She is confident in trying new products before they go to market and reviews their colour formulas to ensure the highest level of product excellence. If they do not pass her test, she tweaks them until they do! Christine has worked closely with research and development, production teams, compounding and Product Development teams.

Christine’s love for flawless, high-quality cosmetics is matched only by her passion for sharing them with the world. She wants every person who wears one of her products to feel like royalty on their skin – which starts by ensuring that everything from the start (ingredient selection) through packaging meets an exquisite standard.

What Christine Is Currently Up To

Christine’s career is flourishing as brands and influencers reach out for creative collaborations. She’ll be furthering her skills and knowledge as a Colour Quality Expert Consultant, allowing clients who want to create their cosmetic brand with integrity. As an advocate of quality standards in the beauty industry, she gives people confidence that they can stand firm behind whatever product or service she recommends or creates. From skin care products down to makeup application methods, she coaches students on how to learn industry techniques like patting out cream shadows using flat bottom brushes instead of tapping them against the skin.