Brand ambassidor

Looking for a makeup expert to represent your brand? Look no further than Christine, a skilled and experienced brand ambassador in the makeup industry. Her knowledge and passion for beauty make her the perfect choice to showcase your brand’s products and services to your target audience.

Hair & Makeup

Christine’s mobile hair and makeup service makes your special day even more unforgettable. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, fashion show, media event, or other special occasion, Christine brings her expertise and creativity to you. Christine will work with you to create the perfect look that reflects your unique style and personality.

one-on-one Beauty instructor

Get personalized advice on how to make the most of your beauty products with Christine’s one-on-one instruction service. Christine shows you how to use your products effectively and helps you identify what to keep and throw out, working with you to create a customized plan that meets your unique needs.


Christine has the experience and knowledge to help you build your cosmetic company from the ground up or analyze your existing business to ensure efficiency and product quality. We offer various services, including marketing, business analysis, quality understanding, illustration, and more. Let us help you achieve your business goals today.

BTS Videography & Photography

Unveil the captivating world behind the scenes with CharmArtistry’s exceptional Videography & Photography service. Capture the essence of every moment as they expertly document behind-the-scenes magic through stunning visuals. From the hustle and bustle of film sets to the meticulous attention to detail, CharmArtistry brings these hidden moments to life. Trust in their expertise to preserve the authenticity and beauty of behind-the-scenes experiences, creating unforgettable memories for you and your projects.

Professional Photography

Elevate your professional photography experience by partnering with the talented Tasha Brown. With Tasha’s artistic vision and expert skills, your photos will transcend ordinary visuals and become extraordinary works of art. Tasha’s keen eye for detail, impeccable composition, and creative approach will bring your vision to life, capturing moments in their most captivating form. Collaborate with Tasha Brown for a photography experience that exudes professionalism, creativity, and a touch of magic, resulting in stunning images that leave a lasting impression.

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